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Professional Hardfacing Service Sdn. Bhd. specialises in the hardfacing and supply of hardfaced stainless steel and carbon steel worm, collar and cage parts for the following industries such as Medium Mill, Fibreboard Mill, vegetable Oil Mill Steel Mill and etc.

1. Medium Fibreboard Mill

Feeder Screw pic4ss



Drain Pipe (Housing)

The Feeder Screw, Drain Pipe (Housing) and Throat are casted from Stainless Steel. The wear area of the Feeder Screw and Drain-Pipe are coated with a wear resistance filler material-Stellite or Cromium Carbide.
The Centre Wear Plate for refinery are casted from stainless steel, high strength cromium Mo steel for additional wear life. The cutting edge are coated with a high speed filler material. pic5s

Centre Wear Plate

2. Vegetable Oil Mill


Expeller Worms & Dist. Pieces For Vegetable Oil Expeller


Lining bars for edible oil expeller

The Worm and Collar are fabricated from stainless steel or cast steel. The body and ribbon are coated with cromium carbide or Tungsten carbide to a thickness of 3mm to 6mm. The coating of hardfaced layer of the wear bar on customer's request.

3. Steel Mill


Steel mill spare-parts eg. drive coupling & spline coupling

Component manufactured by Professional Hardfacing Services Sdn. Bhd. such as Table Roller, Roller Guide , and Entry Guide for the steel mill are hardfaced to provide additional durability.


Roller guide for steel mill

Other Industries

pro6 We are also able to provide high quality wear- resistant casting of any kind base on specifications, drawings or samples. Each casting is made by the process best suited to its size, shape, application and the quantity required.